2 YEARS & 10 MONTHS - 13 May 2013

It's been way too long since I've written, but every time I thought about writing, it was because I was in a bad mood and wanted to get rid of my frustration by writing. But then I felt sorry for making this blog, which is supposed to be about the happiest event in my life, become so negative and demotivating, and I decided to not write. Whenever something good happened, I didn't feel the urge to write, and so there has been a long break.
I remember about 10 months ago, my mom told me she had been speaking with the neighbor. The neighbor has 3 sets of twins herself, and 1 set of twin grandchildren, I have mentioned this woman before because I am amazed that she is still sane, and it gives me hope for my own sanity! She had asked my mom how old Liva and Laia were, and when my mom had answered that they had just recently turned 2, the neighbor had warned her that this would be the worst and hardest year of them all. I hope she was right!
We're getting very close to Liva and Laia's 3rd birthday, and we can feel the difference every day! It is getting so much easier again!
Liva and Laia are much more independent. For example, when I go shower in the morning I just leave their clothes in the living room. They take off their pajama and get dressed all by themselves. They can even put on their socks correctly, and Laia can button her clothes (proud mom!!). Normally, they go upstairs and play after getting dressed. They are generally much better at playing on their own, with Albert working south of Copenhagen and spending approx. 2 hours commuting each way, the girls have to entertain themselves while I shower in the morning, and prepare dinner (if I'm not in the mood for them to "help" me) and clean the kitchen at night. Lately they actually play more than they fight! :) They can spend hours with their baby dolls and with Lego-Duplo. Especially Liva loves creating things, and has an amazing imagination. She also loves drawing and takes it very seriously when she sits down to draw. Laia loves dressing up, and anything that just resembles gymnastics, jumping and dancing.
Taking them places is also much easier, and much more fun now. For example, yesterday we took the car for about 35 minutes to a big flea market, Liva and Laia behaved the entire time, listened to us, and (hardly!) touched all the things there. Ice-cream and little toys bought at the flea market of course helped a lot... After spending a couple of hours there we drove to a restaurant I had read about, and had lunch there. We were all hungry, and Liva and Laia were tired, a situation that usually ends in disaster. Luckily there was paper and coloring pencils at the restaurant, and waiting time was passed drawing and sharpening pencils. The food was great, lunch was fun and completely disaster free. On the way home in the car Liva and Laia slept. All in all a perfect day, just the kind of day we had been hoping we'd experience at some point as a family.
We also laugh loads, the girls are starting to develop a great sense of humor, and here they are also completely different, so there is plenty to laugh about. Laia talks really well, and says the funniest things, sometimes without even trying to be funny but very often she knows exactly what she is doing. Liva also talks loads, but she is more a little clown, making funny faces and acting roles; pretending to be angry is her favorite at the moment.
I could go on and on, but I don't want to make this post too long, so I'll stop here and hopefully write again soon. I hope my next many posts will be positive and will be all about how lovely and easy life with twins is - again!

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