9 MONTHS + 2 week - 12 April 2011

The days all seem to blend together lately, I know what day it is depending on what I have to do - Mondays nothing or meeting, Tuesdays teach in the evening, Wednesdays nothing or meetings, Thursdays teach in the evening, Fridays teach in the afternoon and possible meetings, Albert home early, Saturdays Albert home, mother-in-law here to give us a break in the afternoon, Sundays sleep in. I used to get up 6 of 7 mornings a week with Liva and Laia, but last week I told Albert that wasn't fair - I also work, I have deadlines, classes to teach and prepare, meetings, etc, I don't have time during the day because Liva and Laia require 100% attention at the moment and hardly sleep, and I also have to do stuff around the house. So this morning Albert got up when Liva and Laia woke up, first time shortly after 5:00, then again around 6:00. At 7:30 he came in and gently woke me up, the girls were changed and happier than they have been for days, and there was a huge, hot cup of coffee prepared for me. It was a wonderful morning! :) The agreement is that Albert will get up Tuesdays and Thursdays and wake me up when he has to get ready for work. I still get to sleep in as long as I want Sunday mornings. Oh, it will be lovely!

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