ALMOST 7 MONTHS - 24 January 2011

Last night, after putting Liva and Laia to sleep, I hopped on a bike and rode to a supermarket to buy pizza. On my way home I got eye contact with a mother walking with her children, and suddenly realized that she of course had no idea that I too, am a mother. And suddenly it made me realize that sometimes I don't feel like I'm a mother... I don't know - am I supposed to feel different? Older, more mature, more responsible? I guess I've become a bit more responsible since I wore a helmet rding my bike... I feel proud of being the mother of Liva and Laia, even when they're not with me. I feel people can somehow see that I have these two absolutely wonderful girls at home.
But riding a city bike with my helmet on at 20:30 on a Sunday night through the streets of Barcelona, with a bag with 2 pizzas, a pack of chocolate cookies and a pack of chocolate, knowing that I'm heading home to an evening on the couch with Albert, in our sweatpants with our blankets and the cats, made me feel like I was 19 years old going to my boyfriend's house, not 36 and a responsible mother. What a wonderful feeling that was! How many twin moms can enjoy an evening on the couch with pizza and chocolate in the arms of their husband, knowing their twins will be asleep until about 6 o'clock the next morning?!?!

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