7 MONTHS - 29 January 2011

Liva and Laia are 7 months today (and my dad is 62). They are absolutely lovely - though both with a terrible cold.
They interact quite a bit by now. They have invented a game which basically consists in taking whatever the other one has in her hands, be it a toy, a pacifier or whatever. We assume it's a game because they never get upset or start crying while "playing". Another thing they do quite often which is really cute is that Liva makes sounds and Laia laughs at them. Liva can make more sounds than Laia, and Laia seems to find Liva's sounds quite funny.
They both love the cats and try to touch them all the time. The cats are great and often let the girls touch them. They don't do anything when the girls pull at their tails or grab their fur so hard they pull out a handful hair. Poor cats!!
Both girls sit really well, and can almost get back into sitting position after falling over. They can both move around by rolling over, Liva can move forward by moving her body like a snail. They still can't crawl, they get up on all fours and then don't really know where to go from there. Laia crawls backwards and then gets really annoyed at not being able to go where she's trying.
They eat really well with a spoon now, are both eager to eat themselves, especially Liva. We let them do whatever they want when we feed them dinner, which normally results in food everywhere. They eat mashed potatoes and carrots for lunch, blended fruit for snack and porridge for dinner - bottles the rest of the day. They still have dinner around 18:00 and sleep around 19:00. They sleep through the night, wake up around 6:30. It's lovely for Albert and me to have the evenings for us.
They no longer grab things with their whole fist but can use their fingers only, especially Laia can get a hold of the tiniest little thing with just her fingers. They use both hands, and move objects from one hand to another. Laia stretches her arms upwards when she wants to be picked up, I've only seen Liva do that once so far.
We go for a walk every day and the girls love it. We go after their morning nap, if for some reason we don't go they get all cranky and restless. If they are cranky in the morning it's enough to just get the stroller ready, that already calms them down. Sometimes I put them in the stroller long before I'm ready to go, then they sit there and wait for up to 15 minuites - but they're happy! :)

I'm still fat - at least compared to my normal weight... I'm totally addicted to chocolate, and though I try hard I just can't control myself... I'm really sad about not being able to wear my pre-pregnancy clothes, and hate myself for stuffing my face with chocolate all day. The other day I even though about taking up smoking again, after about 6 years of being a non-smoker. Luckily I could at least resist that. I'm still hopeful and do believe that one day I will somehow get back to my regular weight.

Albert and I are doing fine - I think pretty much the same as before the girls were born. Some days we argue and hardly feel like talking to each other, some days we are just too busy to do anything, some days we can't get enough of each other, some days we are both so tired that we get silly and everything and anything just makes us laugh. But most importantly, every day we love the girls more and more, and for that reason we love each other a little bit more as well - even when we're arguing and not talking. We need each other, we need the girls, and the girls need us. I don't think one of us could function without the other three, and that's how it should be in a family.

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