1 YEAR & 11 MONTHS - 13 June 2012

As mentioned before, Liva & Laia now go to daycare and love it. So far they've normally been there from around 8:00 to about 15:00, but now that Albert is also working, their days are a lot longer and I feel horrible for leaving them in daycare for almost 9 hours! Albert drops them off shortly before 8 on his way to work, once a week my mom picks them up and drives them home, we do this on days where I finish early. On Fridays I normally only work a few hours, so I drop them off in the morning and pick them up in the afternoon. These two days they are picked up at 15:00 at the latest. But the remaining 3 days they have to wait for Albert to come after work, meaning they're not picked up until around 16:45. They are some of the last kids left when he comes, they are tired and crying, and can hardly get through the afternoon and evening. I hope I can soon stop teaching late and be home most afternoons, the days I teach late I only see Liva & Laia in the morning; they're asleep by the time I get home.
Now that I'm not with them 24 hours a day (as I was most days in Barcelona!) I have so much more patience with them. I suddenly understand what people mean when they talk about "quality-time" compared to "quantity-time". Quality-time is so much better, and so much easier when there's less quantity-time! I also suddenly understand those people who do this whole baby-thing two or three times! Too bad I'm already in my late-thirties, otherwise I'd have considered more kids in the future.... But it'd have to wait another 2-3 years until Liva and Laia can do many more things on their own, by then I'll be very close to 40 - I don't want to be a new mom at 40! Especially since we'd might get two again... I'll spend all my quality-time with Liva and Laia, I can't think of a better way to spend it! :)

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